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Beauties from the countries of the region of Southeast Asia, recently, regularly win the international beauty contests. The beauty of local girls, distinguished and a little exotic for Europeans, became a fashionable trend. Film actresses and models with Asian appearance became favorites of many Hollywood directors and designers of fashionable clothes.

In the modern world interracial marriages stopped being a rarity. Many billionaires, actors, politicians are married to Asian women. The American businessman, the philanthropist George Soros has a reputation for the expert on women. The Chinese violinist Jennifer Chong became his companion of life. The businessman and billionaire Rupert Murdoch married Chinese woman Wendy Deng. The youngest billionaire of our planet, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is married to the classmate on Harvard university Priscilla Chang.

The world famous Hollywood actor Nicholas Cage was not lucky with women until he met the waitress of sushi restaurant Alice Chiang who became his third wife. The handsome, the actor Josh Holloway is married to the girl from Indonesia which call Yessik. Beloved of the ex-director of a racing Ferrari team Jean Todt, Chinese actress Michele Yeo. Other Chinese actress Zhang Zii twirled the affair with the Israeli billionaire Aviv Nevo.


Having visited holiday in any of the countries of the region of Southeast Asia, you will meet a great number of nice girls with friendly temper. American and European men love Asian women for a little exotic appearance and total absence of thoughts of emancipation and feminization. Women prefer to depend on men and to support a home.

Who are they, the most beautiful girls of Southeast Asia? First of all are winners of national beauty contests. Ms. Japan, India, Thailand became for Internet users a generalized character, beauties of the countries.


Get acquainted, the winner of a beauty contest “Ms. Japan 2013” Michiko Tanaka. The Japanese beauty is twenty-four years old, she is the well-known Japanese actress of the last century. Michiko Tanaka works in model agency, and easily won a number of prestigious titles during participation in Japanese and international beauty contests.

Winner of a national beauty contest “Ms. Malaysia” Melinda Bhullar. To the beauty from Kuala Lumpur is twenty two years old. The girl works in model business and is the student of faculty of psychology at local university.


Meet the winner of a national beauty contest “The Chinese beauty 2013” Yu Weiwei. To the beauty to the Chinese woman twenty six years. The girl is known Chinese model. She also studies at Sinansky university of music and arts.


The honorable title “Ms. India 2013” was received by the Indian model and the beginning actress Navneet Dhillon. This perspective girl is only twenty-two years old, will hope, she will please us with bright roles and will make successful cinema career in Bollywood.


National beauty contest “Ms. Philippines 2013”, and then and the international competition “Miss World 2013” was won by the pretty Filipino Megan Young. Today – this girl enjoys wide popularity on the Internet. Megen Young became the member of ABS-CBNs star Magic and began career on television. Megen Young, also actively participates in the international charity.

At the competition “Miss World 2013” Meagen Young’s crown was given by the last year’s winner of this competition, Chinese woman Yu Ven Xia. Whether this evidence of recognition of east standards of beauty in the world.

Yu Ven Xia

The winner of the competition “Ms. South Korea 2013” is the pretty beauty Yumi Kim.

Yumi Kim

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